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Entrez dans la Cour des Grands

Entrez dans la Cour des Grands: curiosity is a family thing!

The Loire Valley boasts countless hidden treasures. History has endowed our region with an abundance of rare riches set against a breathtaking backdrop of wild nature. The castles, towns, gardens, museums and natural sites are true wonders just waiting to be explored “Entrez dans la cour des grands ®” invites the whole family to participate in a one-of-a-kind, recreational hunt in search of these treasures. All of the visits have something in common: They are a source of wonder, curiosity and surprise.

Entrez dans la Cour des Grands at the Chatonnière

The gardens, a gold mine for human?

Entrez dans la Cour des GrandsWith this question, children from 7 to 12, accompanied by adults will explore the exciting world of nature, plants and seasons... During the visit the gardens, with a duration of about 1:30, they will follow the route suggested in the entertaining booklet given at the entrance of the site.

The booklet is only available in French language.

Ours services for families

Livret EDCG Chatonniere - couverturePlease refer to the Chatonnière to enjoy longer gardens and their quiet, two picnic areas: one is located next to the ticket and the other, more distant, is at the southernmost point park, with a magnificent view over the valley of the Indre and the forest of Chinon.

And for the kids to let off steam, the Garden Romances has a maze, in which they can have fun getting lost!

You can leave the strollers at the ticket office if they clog you for the visit.

Each year the second weekend in June, do not miss the Festival of Roses and Poppies, which will appeal to young and old with its dances, music, hunting horns, but also with the many artisans who showcase their products in the gardens. And of course, an exceptional flowering period.

Entrez dans la Cour des Grands en Touraine et en Anjou !

Entrez dans la Cour des GrandsCome to discover with fun heritage, nature and skills of the Loire Valley! More than 40 visits await you. Find them on: sur